The Zepf Essential Surgery Kit

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The Zepf Essentials Surgery Kit contains everything for oral surgery, implantoogy and periodontal procedures. Available with lightweight cobalt blue or magenta Bionik handles for exchangeable tips, this set is built for comfort and efficiency.

Kit contains:

  • MEGADUO mouth mirror
  • Bone scraper/dissector
  • Gingiva knife/papillex
  • Plugger/spoon
  • Pritchards elevator/spatula
  • Lucas curette
  • Hygienest curette
  • Standard/carolina probe
  • Micro-needle holder
  • Joseph scissors
  • Drop control round scalpel handle
  • Micro-Adson (toothed)
  • Tweezers
  • Ergonomic aspirator

Available in cobalt blue or light red magenta

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