REX PiezoImplant Launch Course

London, January 22nd 2021

Professor Tomaso Vercellotti

Narrow Ridges? Problem solved!

REX PIEZOIMPLANT: a new paradigm.

ABSTRACT Reduced horizontal crestal volume is a very common clinical problem in modern implantology. Conventional screw-type-implant positioning in narrow ridges can often cause vestibular dehiscence, which is the main anatomic cause of peri-implantitis and leads to implant failure. Typically, bone augmentation procedures are required to prevent these complications which increase surgical invasiveness and post-surgical morbidity, thus resulting in high therapy costs compared to the ones of implants placed in a native bone.

Every participant will be able to acquire a deep knowledge of the clinical procedures to treat the horizontal defect from the diagnosis up to implant placement, included the main scientific and technological aspects. The aim of this course is to introduce in-depth knowledge of the Piezoimplants rectangular shape – a new paradigm in implantology – which allows efficient and minimally invasive clinical solutions, particularly in case of horizontal bone defect. During the hands-on of this certified course, each participant, guided by an instructor, can place various Piezoimplants into animal bones in order to learn the correct way to use them in the clinical practice