Locator F-Tx – Full System Listing

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No screws. No cement. No compromises.

Locator F-Tx is a simplified time saving solution for fixed full-arch restorations with no compromise to prosthesis strength or aesthetics. Optimized for efficiency and chair time savings compared to conventional screw retained systems, it features a novel, patent-pending ”snap-in” attachment that eliminates the need for sub-gingival cement or screw access channels. An exceptional solution for immediate provisionalisation, the fully integrated system accomodates the full range of final restorative options including all acrylic, metal-reinforced acrylic, PFM and all zirconia frameworks. Truly unique and cutting-edge, Locator F-Tx is sure to deliver satisfaction for both the patient and clinician.

Easy ”snap-in” attachment and minimal components streamline procedures, while the unique design of the Locator F-Tx Fixed Attachment System accomodates divergent/convergent scenations up to 40 degrees between implants without the need for angled abutments.

Strength and Aesthetics
No cylinders, screw access channels, and screw heads to compromise aesthetics or weaken the prosthesis. The ability of each Denture Attachment Housing to pivot on the abutment up to 20 degrees in any directions allows the housing to be positioned in the ideal location for the prosthesis.

Time Savings
Significant chair time savings over conventional techniques for fabrication of an immediate provisional prosthesis. Patient visits are also expedited and simplified with quick, easy removal of the prosthesis during follow up visits for final impressions and try-ins, as well as future recall and maintenance visits.

Denture Attachment Housing

  • Denture Attachment Housing is threaded internally to accept a PEEK Retention Ball that snaps into the Locator F-Tx abutment.
  • Features an anodized pink finish for improved aesthetics.
  • Aggresive groobes and flats limit vertical and rotational movement.
  • Denture Attachment Housing is passively picked-up in the prosthesis via a chair side technique.

  • Retention/Processing Balls
  • PEEK Retention Balls are available in low, medium and high retention levels based on   the needs of the case.
  • A Processing Ball comes pre-inserted with the Denture Attachment Housing and an additional Processing Ball is included, both are used for provisionalisation and laboratory procedures. 


  • Unique, spherical coronal geometry allows the Denture Attachment Housing to correct   up to 40 degrees of convergence/divergence between two Housings in the ideal location   for the prosthesis.
  • DuraTec Coating provides a hard, smooth and wear-resistant abutment exterior with an   esthetically pleasing gingival tone.

All-In-One PackagingLocator F-Tx features all-in-one packaging that is sterile and includes everything you     need. Abutment (with cap to deliver the abutment to the implant site), Denture Attachment Housing with pre-inserted Processing Ball, an extra Processing Ball, as well   as one Blue (low), Tan (medium), and Green (high) retention ball.