CelGro Membranes

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CelGro collagen membrane is indicated for guided bone and tissue regeneration and is manufactured by Orthocell an Australian company specialising in tissue technology. The membrane is porcine derived but through the exclusive patented manufacturing process, all animal DNA is removed leaving it completely acellular.

CelGro is a bi-layer non cross linked porcine collagen membrane and the SMRT manufacturing process allows for the extraction of all non-collagenous material without affecting the natural collagen architecture. As such the membrane is osteoconductive while still maintaining a barrier function and provides a membrane that has superior handling characteristics, added strength and does not deform when hydrated or collapse over the defect. CelGro can be used with or without sutures, tacks and pins.

  • CelGro has a CE Mark for GBR and GTR and is supplied in four popular sizes.
  • CelGro challenges expectations in barrier membrane technology due to its osteoconductive properties. These properties allow for the achievement of predictable, rapid guided bone regeneration and high-quality soft tissue repair.
  • The superior performance of CelGro in bone regeneration is due to the unique collagen construct created when CelGro is applied to the repair site, providing a favourable osteoconductive environment for new bone growth. Additionally bone growth is bi-directional.
  • CelGro is manufactured using Orthocell’s proprietary SMRT tissue engineering process to preserve the bilayer structure and mechanical strength. The SMRT process preserves the collagen fibres in their natural state so that CelGro retains its barrier function long enough for cortical bone growth to occur before being completely resorbed.
  • Handling characteristics of CelGro are superior to any membrane currently in market. The membrane handles incredibly well, does not deform when hydrated, can be sutured or pinned and does not stick to instruments/gloves.
  • In a comparator study, CelGro resulted in up to 26% better bone quality (QT score) when compared to market leading membranes
  • Use of CelGro in two-stage dental implant clinical trial resulted in bone regeneration equivalent to mature cortical bone 4-6 months post treatment
  • In a single-stage dental implant clinical trial, all patients successfully generated enough new bone to stabilise their implants and complete treatment in approximately 4 months. Use of CelGro resulted in mature cortical bone formation.
  • CelGro is being used in Australia by Professor Brent Allan a world leader in this field and in the UK and EU by leading dental surgeons, Massimo Simion; Giuseppe Luongo; Nick Fahey, Elaine Halley, Sinead McEnhill,  Professor Thomas Dietrich and many more.

                  KEY POINTS

    • 4-6 month resorption
    • Smooth layer acts as a barrier membrane whilst still enabling the passage of bioactive molecules and proteins
    • Rough layer is a porous network of highly organised collagen fibres that guide the formation of new bone and tissue. Tissue remodelling occurs in this area.
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