Aquolab OzoActive Unit

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OzoActive generates ozone gas for distribution into the irrigation lines of Mectron PIEZOSURGERY® and ultrasound units, resulting in concentrations of ozonated water ranging from 0.011 mg to 0.079 mg per litre. At this concentration range ozonated water is proven to have biocidal effects.
The flow of ozonated water minimizes the risk of the transmission of fungi, bacteria and viruses through aerosols without leaving chemical residues: within seconds the ozone is transformed into oxygen.
The OzoActive device is specially designed to generate ozonated water at a concentration range that is very safe for both patients and operators. It may be used at any device setting, even for your longest treatments.

OzoActive contains

  • Device body
  • Multivoltage power adapter
  • Foot-switch
  • Instructions for use
  • Setting sheet
  • Three disposable irrigation set for PIEZOSURGERY®
  • One irrigation set for prophylaxis ultrasound units
  • Pump cover for prophylaxis ultrasound units

Connection of Piezosurgery units. 

OzoActive can be used with mectron PIEZOSURGERY® touch and white units. A dedicated single use irrigation set will combine both units. For the connection, the traditional pump tube is simply replaced by the new OzoActive irrigation set.

Connection of Prophylaxis ultrasound units.

OzoActive can be used with mectron multipiezo units and the ultrasound handpiece of combi touch, taking advantage of their independent irrigation lines. A dedicated reusable irrigation set will combine both units. A new pump cover – with dedicated tube outlets – is included in the initial equipment too. The OzoActive device connects between the pump and the water tank of the mectron unit.


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