Customised Procedure Packs

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General Medical custom packs are high quality, economically priced and made to your personal specification. Each outer pack is made of Tyvec for added security and inside components are presented within a wrapping sheet, which acts as an additional table cover.

Because of our very low prices we ask that you commit to an initial order of around 12 units. This number is variable depending on the size of each pack and how many can be packed per carton. For a quote on your selection just fax or post the form back to us.

For practices using smaller quantities of packs we recommend our GM-Basic which is available from as little as £21.09 each. This pack contains most of the regularly requested items for minor oral surgery, perio and implant procedures. A full range of sterile products is available via our catalogue or on-line.

To gain a custom procedure pack quote please fill out the below form with what you would like with quantities and send back. We will send you a quote asap.

    Product Code Quantity
    Wrapping Sheet/Tyvec Pack (100x100) 1
    Table Cover 20-0104-S
    Surgical gown classic (medium) + 2 towels 351023-21-S
    Surgical gown classic (large) + 2 towels 351033-21-S
    Surgical gown classic (extra large) + 2 towels 351043-21-S
    Mini U-drape, short procedure 18-0101-S
    Patient U-drape (150x200) 18-0101-S
    Patient U-drape (125x150) 301-628-S
    Patient U-drape (160x200) with neck cut out 20-0366-S
    Fenestrated drape (10cm window) 30-0337-S
    Incise Foil (tegaderm type) 20x30 76-0104-S
    Surface drape (75x75) 20-0103-S
    Surface drape with adhesive (75x75) 20-0203-S
    Surface drape (75x90) 20-0104-S
    Surface drape with adhesive (75x90) 20-0204-S
    Surface drape (75x120) 20-0105-S
    Surface drape with adhesive (75 x 120) 20-0205-S
    Light handle cover 25-0236
    Plastic Mittens (2) 71.0123-S
    Concertina hose cover 80-0125-S
    Hose/Tubing sleeve 80-0103-S
    Mayo cover 75x145 40-0101-S
    Motor unit cover (70x80) 71-0501-S
    Motor unit cover elasticated (85x85) 71-0102-S
    Motor cover (15x20) 71-0306
    Face masks (ties) 20270
    Face masks (elastic loops) 20272
    Bouffant caps 12222
    Surgeons caps (ties) 15220
    Nurses cap (elasticated at back) 17214
    Swabs (10x10) pack of 5 91201-5-S
    Swabs (5x5) pack of 5 91199-5-S
    Suction Tubing (single) 2m 9302
    Microtip and tube set 2m 9254
    Yankauer tip small with vac control 9285
    Hydrovac/hydosurg Combo P-5001-001
    Forceps (plastic) 12cm
    Plastic tray - kidney bowl type 0006-00025-S
    Plastic tray - 22x15cms - one large/3 small sections 0006-00027
    Adhesive strip 2.5x25cm 70-0133-S
    Gallipots 125ml 0006-00017-S
    Waste bag

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