How you can shorten turnaround times between appointments and purify the air.


 Introducing our UVMATIC Air Purification System.


UVMATIC Air Purifier


The UVMATIC air purifying system eliminates viruses, bacteria and mould in the air and on work surfaces leaving the room not only clinically clean but smelling fresher too.

The system uses UV light to eliminate viruses, bacteria and mould together with photo-catalytic oxidation to break down volatile organic compounds in the air and on all surfaces.

The standard wall-mounted UVMATIC which can run continuously or be switched on when required and will purify the air while staff and patients are present.

Unlike HEPA filters there is no expensive servicing and ongoing filter changes as each unit only require a bulb replacing once a year and regular cleaning assuming it runs 24/7. Alternatively, the unit can be run on a timer for extended bulb life. Each unit is effective for a room floor size of 16sq metres.

The UVMATIC PLUS, a free-standing unit that should only be used in empty rooms after staff and patients have left for the evening. We recommend this unit for waiting and other high use rooms where a deep clean required.


UVMATIC Plus Air Purifier


You can check out the Unit here:

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Having researched a large number of units this is the one we are using!