Mectron Combi Perio – Why you need a top quality dual function prophylaxis unit

The Mectron Combi is a top-quality dual function prophylaxis unit with highly effective scaler and air polishing systems built-in.

The unit has a fluid warming system and soft mode to cater for the most sensitive patients and at the other end of the scale a restorative pulse system for use on crown preps and extractions.

The Mectron Combi Perio is the most comprehensive combination system on the market today and to make it available to as many users as possible we have reduced the price by a massive amount.


Included with the unit are:

LED scaler handpiece, 500ml bottle, tubing for irrigation and air lines, Spray heads at 90 degrees, 120 degrees and Perio plus a box of 40 disposable plastic subgingival treatment attachments. Also included are bottles of Prophy powder for supragingival work and Glycine for subgingival pockets.

You get the full package plus the following tips for the scaling element:

S1-S       Long skinny tip for the back of the mouth and interdental sub and supragingival sites.  (Setting 1 and/or soft mode)

S3           When there’s lots of calculus to shift.

S5           General all-purpose scaler.  (Setting 2 and/or soft mode)

P4           Tight contacts, sub gingival calculus and ledges.

P10         Deep pockets, distal 8’s and 7’s.  (Setting 4)

P11         Furcations and tightly spaced lower anteriors.

Receive a Special Launch Price of £3,595.00 (reduced from £4,717.26 plus VAT) valid until 30th November 2020.

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